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Teen Wolf

nobody wants to be lonely A03
(scott/isaac, pg-13, 1,500 words, one-shot)

Things are back to normal in Beacon Hills, well, as normal as they can be. Stiles want to be left alone, and Allison is still trying to work through everything thing that's happened lately. Scott's trying to live his life as good as he can, throwing himself into school and work, all the while Isaac is still trying to find his place in all this madness.

Teen Wolf RPF

groupies, guitars, and boners for the soul A03
(colton/posey, nc-17, 1,550 words, one-shot, [ profile] stop_drop_howl)

For Tyler, the only thing that can top the rush of performing live on stage is the sensation of Colton's lips wrapped around his dick.


a little bit closer
(r, au, 1,400 words, one-shot, [ profile] insmallpackages)

Danneel knows her friends entirely too well, even better than they know themselves. And she is bound and determined to get Jared and Jensen to admit their feelings for one another. With Katie's help and a not-so-simple game of chicken, she just might succeed.

always be prepared A03
(r, au, 2,900 words, one-shot, [ profile] silverbullets)

In which Jensen's ready to have sex, and Jared's more than ready. Now the only thing that stands in their way is a trip to the drug store.

butterflies and popcorn
(pg-13, au, 2,600 words, one-shot, [ profile] schmoop_bingo)

Jensen is newly out and his buddy Jason thinks it is well past time for him to be going on his first date. When he finds out Jensen has a crush, he takes matters into his own hands.

dancing in the dark
(nc-17, au, 5,900 words, one-shot, for [ profile] maichan, [ profile] spn_j2_xmas)

Jared really likes his roommate, probably more than he should or wants to admit. It's frustrating thinking about Jensen all the time and it's starting to take it's toll. What he doesn't know, is that Jensen feels exactly the same. Jensen's just been dancing around it by dropping hints instead of spelling it out for him.

desperately seeking santa A03
(pg-13, au, 3,400 words, one-shot, for [ profile] enablelove)

It's Secret Santa time and all Jared wants for Chritsmas is Jensen, too bad Jensen doesn't seem to know he even exists.

fucked over
(nc-17, au, 1,600 words, one-shot, kink_bingo)

While Jensen is waiting for Danneel at a club, he makes the mistake of accepting drinks from a certain dark-haired man. He awakes in a compromising position and has no choice but to succumb to the whims of his captor.

going down
(nc-17, au, 2,000 words, one-shot, [ profile] salt_burn_porn)

Jared could just be what Jensen needs at the end of the day, too bad he can't bring himself to talk to the man. Far more observant than Jensen realizes, Jared decides it's time to take matters into his own hands.

just like the movies
(r, au, 2,000 words, one-shot, [ profile] schmoop_bingo)

In which Jared's parent's are away and Jensen is the best tutor ever and agrees to come over for a weekend cram session, maybe.

Jared could just be what Jensen needs at the end of the day, too bad he can't bring himself to talk to the man. Far more observant than Jensen realizes, Jared decides it's time to take matters into his own hands.

a 'lil liquid courage A03
(r, 2,300 words, one-shot, [ profile] spnspringfling)

perks of the gym
(nc-17, au, 2,200 words, one-shot)

Jensen and Danneel are heading to the gym for an early morning workout. Danneel wants to try her hand at yoga, Jensen has other types of aerobic activity in mind.

(jared/jensen, tom/justin, r, au, 28,000 words, finished/ currently under revision)

Tom is a college student that is asked to spend time with an elderly Jensen. Jensen is slow to come around but realizes the company is just what he needs. Over time Jensen tells his story about his love affair with his departed best friend, Jared.

roadside attraction A03
(nc-17, au, 2,300 words, one-shot, [ profile] salt_burn_porn)

Stranded out in the middle of nowhere, Jensen's grumpy and Jared decides to cheer him up.

seven deadly sins
(nc-17, series, wip)

A series centered around the seven most sinful temptations.

that's hot!
(r, au, 1,500 words, one-shot, for [ profile] dolnmoon)

Jared's bored and Jensen's busy, so to cure his boredom he accepts Chad's invitation to come hang. No parents, plentiful amounts of alcohol, and girls. What could possibly go wrong? Thank God Jensen's on speed dial.

(nc-17, non au, 1,600 words, one-shot, [ profile] blindfold_spn)

In which Jared is enamored with what a day in the sun does to Jensen's face.

the trouble with drama queens
(pg-13, au, 3,700 words, one-shot)

During the last few weeks of junior high; Jared did, like, the stupidest thing ever. It's a good thing his BFF Sandy and her league of extraordinary fag hags are on the case.

(nc-17, au, 5,200 words, finished, unbeta'd)

Jared is bored until he spots someone. Jensen is the cocky and mischievous stranger that catches Jared's eye.

you could be my sanctuary A03
(r, au, 16,800 words, one-shot, [ profile] spn_cinema)

Private School AU. With his father being Headmaster, Jensen has barely known life outside the walls of Lakewood Academy. He's grown bitter and jaded, preferring to keep to himself rather than interact with his his fellow students and teachers, with the exception of a few. All that's about to change when Jared transfers to Lakewood. He's not at all like the other students and he seems bound and determined to make Jensen come out of his shell, whether Jensen wants to or not. (Loosely inspired by the themes of Disney's version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.)

you don't need matches to burn A03
(nc-17, au, 3,100 words, one-shot, [ profile] salt_burn_porn)

Jensen’s never been one for camping, and Jared’s a pro at roughing it.

domesticity comment fics
dishes are done, dude
(r, au, 600 words)
'least it isn't the dewey decimal system
(r, au, 600 words)


adventures in manscaping
(sam/dean, nc-17, 1,700 words, one-shot)

Something Sammy said last night makes Dean curious and leads him to try and surprise his brother with disastrous results.

all you had to do was ask A03
(nc-17, sam/dean, 2,400 words, one-shot, [ profile] blindfold_spn)

Ever since he started hunting with Dean again, Sam tried to hold his feelings in check. Finally, he can't take any more and decides it's time for a little release while Dean's out.

(sam/dean, r, 1,600 words, one-shot, kink_bingo)

Exhausted after a hunt, the boys come back to their motel to crash. When Dean catches Sam watching him change he decides to test his brother's resolve and the ever-present sexual tension between them.

Other Pairings


about last night
(jensen/chad, nc-17, 2,200 words, one-shot, for [ profile] transfixeddream)

Jensen learns that maybe Chad does have his uses after all, and that if you completely disregard his personal charm, he might just actually be kinda hot.

money changes everything A03
(jared/jensen/jdm, nc-17, au, 3,100 words, one-shot, [ profile] salt_burn_porn, kink_bingo)

Jensen has never hid what he does for a living from his roommate. But when a client mistakes Jared for another escort and proposes that he join them, Jensen is surprised just how into the idea Jared is.


blame it on the alcohol
(sam/brady, nc-17, 3,400 words, complete, kink_bingo)

Cas Drabbles
#1 (dean/cas)
#2 (sam/cas)



Teen Wolf

bark at the moon
(scott, pg)
Scott wolfing out.

go fetch
(derek/stiles , chibi, g)
Stiles always wanted a dog. Derek is not amused.

pack animal
(stiles, puppy play, nc-17, kink_bingo)
Stiles refused the bite, but that doesn't mean he doesn't want to run with the pack. So, he improvises.

stiles stilinski: stick wizard
(danny/stiles, nc-17, for [ profile] shinyslasher)
Stick Wizard \ n. \ a player who isn't necessarily the best athlete but has amazing stick skills and uses them to his advantage while playing.

Teen Wolf RPF

a helping hand
(colton/posey, nc-17, for [ profile] bewaretheides15)
Tyler is a just a little curious about gay sex, and he knows just who to askso he asks Colton. But Colton's always been more of a hands on kinda guy.


baby, it's cold outside
(jared/jensen, PG, for [ profile] riyku, [ profile] insmallpackages)
Jared/Jensen sharing a scarf.

culinary shenanigans
(jared/jensen, PG, for [ profile] artpaperscissor)
A J2 Thanksgiving.

daydream believin'
(jared/jensen, pg, for [ profile] dolnmoon)
Schmoopy boys star gazing or whatever it is two cute boys think about while lying side by side.

double the pleasure
(jared/jensen, sex toys, nc-17, [ profile] spn_kink_art)
Jared and Jensen go head to head and cheek to cheek.

extracurricular activities
(jared/jensen, foreplay, r, for [ profile] shinyslasher, [ profile] helpthesouth)
Jared and Jensen go head to head and cheek to cheek.

in this moment
(jared/jensen, pg, for [ profile] transfixeddream)
Jared and Jensen at the park.

it's a party
(jared/jensen, background omc's, orgy, nc-17, kink_bingo)
Jared and Jensen on the floor as another couple takes the couch.

it's all about the hair
(jared/jensen, PG, for [ profile] riyku)
An excuse to draw Jared's hair and overly schmoopy boys.

jared o' the green
(jared, g, [ profile] spn_cinema)
Jared as Jack from Legend.

live to cheer
(jared/jensen, cheerleaders, pg, [ profile] spn_reversebang)
Art for [ profile] aythia's 2011 Reverse Bang fic, Live to Cheer.
Fic Summary: High school. School spirit.
Cheerleading means everything to Jensen Ackles, it's who he is. It doesn't mean anything to Jared Padalecki, not to begin with. Sometimes a simple little bet is all it takes to change everything.

my love is like to ice, and i to fire
(jared/jensen, superheroes, pg, [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang)
Art for [ profile] __tiana__'s 2011 Big Bang fic, My Love is like to Ice, and I to Fire.
Fic Summary: In a world where superheroes exist, Jensen and Jared possess opposite abilities: Jensen controls ice, and Jared fire. Their first meeting results in Jensen's accidental near-death, so imagine his dismay a few years later when Jared joins his team. Team Alpha includes heroes with powers ranging from electrokinesis to teleportation. Jensen will have to face his painful past, his opposite-powered teammate, and his unexpected feelings for Jared, codename Phoenix, in that order. When a crew of villains sends the team into a tailspin, will this be a turning point for Jared and Jensen, or the end of all they've begun to build?

oral fixation
(jared/jensen, oral sex, nc-17, for [ profile] dolnmoon)
Jensen worships Jared one inch at a time.

(jared, chibis, g, for [ profile] expectative)
Jared. Superhero. Chibi.

the prince of darkness
(jensen, vampire, chibi, g, for [ profile] transfixeddream)
Jensen as a vicious bloodthirsty vampire, sans glitter.

ready to wear
(jared/ jensen, leather/ latex/ rubber, r, kink_bingo)
Jared and Jensen in fetish wear.

sleepless in texas
(jared/jensen, spooning, pg, for [ profile] velvetsun)
Colab art for [ profile] transfixeddream's fic, sleepless in texas.
Fic Summary: AU. Jared has insomnia; Jensen doesn't.

snow angels
(jared/jensen, chibis, g, for [ profile] dolnmoon)
Bring on the snow (angel chibis)!

switching things up
(jared/jensen, nc-17, for [ profile] deirdre_c)
Dei wanted porn, I obliged. With frottage.

tell me where it hurts
(jared/jensen, minor hurt/ comfort, g, for [ profile] expectative)
Jensen doesn't feel too well.

this kiss
(jared/ jensen, pg, [ profile] insmallpackages)
Jared and Jensen's first kiss.

view from the top
(jared, denim, jared's ass, pg, bottom!jared meme banner)
Jared's ass.

woodland creatures
(jared/jensen, chibis, bambi, g, [ profile] j2_everafter)
J2 chibis with Thumper!Jared and Bambi!Jensen.

worth every cent
(jensen, pg-13, for [ profile] osmalic)
Hooker!Jensen waiting for his next john.


the chad
(chad michael murray, chibi, g, for [ profile] aythia)


$#%! my kid says
(dean, chibi, weechesters, g)
The innocence of toddler!Dean.

abomination flirtation
(sam, tentacles, nc-17, kink_bingo)
Sam vs. Chuthulu, sorta.

awkward winchester christmas photo
(sam and dean, chibi, g, for [ profile] shinyslasher)
Bumble found some new friends.

goddamn dog
(sam, chibis, g, for [ profile] memoonster)
Wee!chester target practice!

(sam and dean, chibi, weechesters, g, [ profile] insmallpackages)
Weechester snowball fight.

saving people, cuddling things
(sam and dean, crack, g, [ profile] spn_cinema)
Sam and Dean as mogwai from Gremlins.

personal space is overrated
(sam/dean, pg-13, [ profile] spnspringfling)
After months of fighting it, Sam and Dean give into their feelings. Taboos be damned.

swimming lessons
(sam, pg, [ profile] spn_summer_art)
Sam Winchester as your friendly neighborhood lifeguard.

the things we want
(sam/dean, nc-17, for [ profile] transfixeddream)
Sam takes Dean for a ride.

Sons of Anarchy

(juice, chibi, g, sons of anarchy, for [ profile] transfixeddream)
Chibi!Juice is still badass.


the gods favor me
(agron/nasir, chibi, g, spartacus: vengeance)
A super quick chibi of quite possibly the cutest tv couple ever!

Other Art

old school art dump
(celeb portraits, comics)
Traditional pencil, colored pencil, and water color pieces.

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