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Title: Color Me Sam (reblog on )
Character: Sam Winchester
Rating: NC-17 [NSFW]
Medium: Photoshop CS6
Artist Notes: My first contribution to [ profile] smpc.

*Thanks to [ profile] a_biting_smile for the quickie look over and encouragement! ♥♥♥

**Okay so there was one fun little[ profile] spn_masquerade prompt that I unfortunately ran out of time for, so I kept it tucked away for this:

I'm sorry, but I can't see those "adult coloring books" being advertised without thinking of them as something naughty. Give me a page or two from an "adult" coloring book about either J2 or Sam and Dean

Feel free to download the file and color yourself! Just a few rules: 1) please don't remove my signature 2) credit me for the line art if you post 3) be sure to link me to your results! :)

Don't know about doing a full 69 pages, but I might make more pages here and there. *whistles*


Color Me Sam

Sam PSD Download
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