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Re: posted from [ profile] quickreaver because we really need to help a friend out here!

Okay, flist, I'm begging for your help! A friend needs to know who wrote this Masquerade prompt, so if it's yours, could you drop me a PM? It'd be most appreciated! AND WE ALL MIGHT GET A LOVELY FIC OUT OF THE DEALIO!

"Jensen is a washed-up, drunk, scandal-causing rockstar who's been found in one compromising situation too many.
His PR team, in a bid to rescue his image, run a contest where the prize is winning Jensen himself! Just Jensen, hanging out at your place, for a whole two weeks. No entourage, no cameras, just you and your rock-star idol chillin' out.

As a teenager, Jared was Jensen's biggest fan. Now he's older, jaded and broken-hearted from the shittiest break-up ever. Plus, he kinda' thinks Jensen's a massive douchebag these days. His well-meaning sister enters him into the contest anyway just to cheer him up. To everyone's surprise, Jared wins.

Jared is NOT happy when the Jensen trainwreck lands on his doorstep... though they may yet be the best thing that ever happened to each other."

Thanks in advance, gang!

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