Fic: "Halloween" [J2] NC17

Oct. 15th, 2017 12:48 pm
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This was written for the LJ com [community profile] smpc

Title: Halloween
Rated: NC17
Beta: spoonlessone
Word Count: ~3,000
Plot: Nope
Protagonists: J2

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Another picspam from my wonderful summervacation. This is Day 4 and the second port stop: St. Petersburg in Russia!
To explore St. Petersburg you need a visa and since it's very hard to get an individual one, I decided to go on one of the many excursions that included a group visa. I opted for one that offered not only a tour through town (and lunch), but also a visit to the Hermitage Museum, the largest museum in the world. The latter is one of the reasons it took me some time to go through the photos of this day, because I made over 500 pictures with over half of them in the Hermitage! Don't look at me like that; it's very hard to control yourself when you're surrounded by so much history and art. I managed to make a selection of 84 pictures to summarize my awesome day:)

Wednesday August 23: St. Petersburg, Russia )

*collapses on bed* What a day.

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