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Title: Dancing in the Dark
Pairing: Jared/ Jensen (College AU)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~5900
Summary: Jared really likes his roommate, probably more than he should or wants to admit. It's frustrating thinking about Jensen all the time and it's starting to take it's toll. What he doesn't know, is that Jensen feels exactly the same. Jensen's just been dancing around it by dropping hints instead of spelling it out for him.
A/N: Gift for [ profile] maichan808 for [ profile] spn_j2_xmas. I tried to use all of your J2 likes with the exception of hooker!fic but with a dash of first time porn. Hope you enjoy, Happy Holidays!

Thanks to [ profile] transfixeddream for all the cheerleading since day one and for bearing with me as I tried to stay focused and for wrangling me in when I failed. Also thanks to all my spies and to those that read snippets along the way and helped steer me in the right direction.


It's like some sort of sadistic cosmic joke, having to share a room with Jensen. The Universe's own personal "Fuck-you-how-do-you-do," to Jared.

Sleeping is hard when all he can do is concentrate on the deep and relaxed breathing coming from the other bed. It's especially difficult because of the way the moon shines on Jensen, highlighting his features in blue and gray.

The way he watches Jensen is creepy, he'll admit that. It's almost like being a stalker in a way. He's tried to stop, purposefully facing the other wall and stuffing in his ear buds to drown out the light snores. It's never occurred to him that snoring could be sexy, but somehow Jensen's are. Jensen drips with sexuality without even trying. And it's even worse when he's awake.

So he stares guiltily as Jensen tosses and turns. The blanket settles tight against Jensen tauntingly, and Jared forces himself to look elsewhere. He is transfixed as he watches his eyelids flutter and again as the tip of Jensen's tongue drags across his lips to make them shine.

All of it is just blatantly unfair. Cruel.

As frustrating as it is, it's times like this that Jared loves the most. Times when he can look at Jensen, see him for what he truly is, unmasked and uncomplicated. With no worries about someone catching him staring. No one to call him out for what he is. What he wants. It's serene, and he can take all the time he wants, thinking about every freckle. And everything he wishes he could say to Jensen but can't.

His mind races with thoughts like, God, he's so beautiful or Wish I could kiss him. Always the romantic at heart, he can't help himself; imagines Jensen's lips brushing over his and the tickle from his hair as he kisses down his body.

And when he's horny his thoughts are far less innocent. More carnal, raw, and unabashedly filthy in a way that would even make Chad blush.

When Jensen's alarm goes off in the morning, Jared is so painfully hard and exhausted it's all he can do to contain himself until Jensen leaves the room and jacks off. There's no time for finesse, it's all frantic stroking to the sound of Jensen humming and singing on the other side of the wall as he showers. He barely has enough time to clean himself and hide the evidence before dozing off for a few short minutes before Jensen comes back to wake him.

So yeah, he knows that he will hate himself in the morning, knows he should be sleeping, but Damn!

It's no surprise that Jared is constantly late for class or that when Jensen's there that his concentration is practically nil. Really the only sleep he gets is that sliver of time between classes, and that's only if Chad or Tom aren't at home at the time.

The smartest thing for him to do would be to switch rooms, though how he would do that without arising any suspicion from the other roommates is beyond him. Besides, it's not like he can use clashing personalities or anything as an excuse. Jensen's a really great guy, charismatic; funny, and easy to talk to. Overall he's the quintessential All-American guy next door. A real life fucking Abercrombie ad sleeping just a few feet away, each and every night. Which just so happens to be Jared's type.

Therein lies the problem. Jared and Jensen had become fast friends their first week, practically inseparable, and Jared doesn't want to screw that up for anything.

So instead, Jared goes through the motions, tries his hardest to conceal his feelings and desires throughout the day, plays best friend and roommate to the guy he so desperately wants. And at night he allows his mind to wander, to think about all the things he wants to do to Jensen and what he wants Jensen to do to him.

It's like a circle of Hell, but, really, Jared wouldn't have it any other way.


The sound comes from nowhere; ripping Jensen from a dream that's already starting to fade but one he's pretty sure he wouldn't mind returning to. Irritated, he slaps at the clock, blindly hitting buttons in a vain attempt to make it stop. His mind clears just enough for him to realize it's not the clock but his phone, and god knows where he put that.

He groans, his muscles and bones protesting the all-too-brief nap, as he sits up and for searches for his glasses. Bleary-eyed, he looks around the room, and stretches for his clothes. The phone is buried deep in his jeans pocket, hastily discarded and thrown into the hamper along with his shirt from last night. After his late night cram session with Alona, he couldn't think of anything else but passing out in his bed, so the second he had walked into the room he had stripped and threw himself down on the blanket and he was gone to the world.

If Jared caught him in nothing but his underwear, so be it. He really didn't care at that point.

That's a lie. He did care, more than cared actually. There's nothing he wants more than for Jared to notice him, maybe silently slide into bed with him and fuck him right then and there. The idea of Jared crawling on top of him, hard dick pushing into the cotton covering his ass, the heavy weight of his body burning against his back- Fuck!.

Needless to say, he's thought about it. He realizes then that he's staring at Jared, only vaguely aware that the phone is ringing once again.

Danneel's name flashes across the screen and he glances over at the alarm clock, wonders why the hell she's calling at six in the morning, figures she probably hasn't even went to bed yet. "Freaking night owl," he mutters while thumbing the button.

"You had better have a good excuse for calling me before breakfast," growls Jensen as he sits down and drops back onto his bed, thankful the sound hasn't roused Jared. Absently he plays with the elastic of his briefs, fingers grazing along his abs as he waits for her reply.

"And a good fucking morning to you too, asshole," she says, her voice way too enthusiastic for this time of morning. "I was going to call and tell you that your Psych class was cancelled, maybe invite you out tonight, but now I think I'm just going to let you sit at home and play with your dick, all by your lonesome."

He laughs. She's never been one to hold back- it's part of her charm, even if it does come at Jensen's expense most of the time.

"Oh thank God," he says, relieved that he can put off his psych quiz for another few days.

"You can thank the cafeteria. Half the student body and staff is out due to food poisoning. What'd I tell ya, off campus is the way to go. So, yeah, wanna come watch me wipe out more of Kane's trust fund? I'm thinking I'll be able to pay off all my student loans and then some by next year at this rate. Might even get me a car," she says like she's only half joking.

"You really do have it in for him, dontcha?" Jensen says, playing with his navel.

"Eh, it amuses me, and it pays the bills, who am I to deny him throwing his money at me? So, is that a yes?"

"I really should stay home and study, plus Jared-" he starts, looking over as Jared rolls on his side. His dick twitches obviously interested in what Jensen sees. Worried about Jared catching him with a morning hard on, he sits up and crosses his legs.

"Enough about him, you need to quit the pining, it's pretty pathetic and so very After School Special of you. Either you go over there right now and confess your undying love, lust, whatever- screw like jack rabbits, or you come out with me. Your choice, the clock is ticking Ackles," she says. Her voice isn't malicious, more matter-of-fact and he hates that she knows him so well.

"What time?" he sighs, his eyes catch Jared as an arm drapes across his forehead and pulls back his hair. Jensen's dick likes what he sees, jerking under the cotton shorts. He wastes no time getting Danneel off the phone, desperate to get into the shower and take care of his now hard dick before he blows his load in his underwear. The bed creaks as he climbs off, his erection tenting outward as he hurries out of the room.

The briefs are thrown on the counter, the cool air of the bathroom creating goose bumps all over his body as he adjusts the knobs. The showerhead bursts into life and after testing it, he climbs in. He hisses as his back hits the chilled tile, hips lifting to let the hot spray cover his dick. He grabs hold, imagines the heat of the water and friction of skin is Jared's mouth wrapping around it and sucking him off. "Fuck," he moans, almost a whimper as his strokes quicken.

Jared's sneakily lifting up the blanket, then there's a dip in the mattress as his knee pushes against Jensen's leg. A nudge and his legs are spread apart as Jared slips between them, pressing heavily onto him and kissing his shoulder blades. He can practically hear the words whispered into his ear and Shit! he's close.

Trying to suppress all the noises he wishes he could, no needs to let loose, he bites down on his lip. Hard and painfully he sinks his teeth into his flesh as he feels the dull burn growing in his balls, building layer upon layer of need and want that's trying desperately to escape. He can't take it anymore; his stomach knots and every muscle in his body tightens as he comes, splattering the smooth floor of the tub before being washed down the drain.

His body slinks against the shower wall, streams of water washing over his body as he tries to recover. It takes him a few minutes; his mind lost in the high of his orgasm before he grabs the sponge and finishes cleaning up.

With the hot water gone, he steps from the shower, towels his hair dry and then wraps the cloth around his waist. Grabbing his underwear, he heads back to their room, pausing in the doorway.

Jared's still sound asleep. Jensen smiles as he watches him, a small trickle of drool is dangling out of the corner of his mouth, ready to drop onto the pillow. It should be gross, but Jensen thinks it's somewhat endearing and innocent. Though, he may have to give him some shit later for drooling like a puppy.

Jared's been exhausted lately. Jensen's pretty sure he knows why but he's not going to say anything about it; that would be both foolish and insensitive of him. It sucks. He knows Jared likes him and yet he's too chicken shit to do anything about it.

Jared will probably hate it, but Jensen can't bring himself to wake him. So what if he misses a class? He'll find some way to make it up to him. Jensen can think of quite a few ways to apologize, if Jared would let him.

The thought is shaken away just as fast as it comes. This whole thing between them is confusing and complicated enough as it is, adding sex to the equation would be a recipe for disaster.

Jared mumbles something in his sleep and Jensen swears it sounds like his name.

"Disaster," Jensen mutters as he heads towards his closet.


Jared stammers out of the bedroom, half naked and shuffling his bare feet through the carpet leading towards the kitchen. He makes his way sightlessly, more focused on removing the sleep from his eyes and stifling another yawn than anything else.

It's not like Jensen to forget to wake him. They have a routine that, for better or worse, works for Jared. As much as he wants to be annoyed that he missed his Anthropology class, he has to admit, the extra sleep was a blessing. It's a shame he missed his other early morning ritual, but he'll manage.

He bangs the cabinets, trying to find the coffee filters and canister and mutters something incomprehensible even to himself.

"Morning , Sunshine," the recognizable voice comes from somewhere in the living room.

Coffee grounds spill over the counter and into the still empty carafe. "Jesus Christ, Jensen. You scared the hell out of me," says Jared as he scoops the brown grains off the counter and into his hand. He debates throwing them away before deciding what the hell and dumps them into the filter.

He grabs the carafe and turns towards the faucet but gets distracted by the sight of Jensen. He's sitting in his usual chair facing the kitchen, feet propped up on the coffee table as he writes something down in a tablet. Jared drinks him in, gray cable knit sweater and jeans, and good god he's wearing his glasses.

Jared has to admit that maybe the only thing sexier than a sleeping Jensen Ackles is Jensen Ackles in fucking glasses. He's chewing on the end of a pen, which only rekindles Jared's thoughts of what he'd like to do to those lips. The image is pretty damn close to perfection. Jared presses close to the counter to try to hide the obvious erection that he's starting to sport.

"Sorry, didn't mean to," Jensen says, his teeth still digging deep into the pen cap.

"It's okay. Hey, why didn't you wake me up today?"

"Dude, I tried. You weren't having it. I was thinking about kissing you all Cinderella style to see if that would do the job, but-"

"Snow White," Jared interrupts, his voice dry from the mental image of Jensen leaning over to kiss him awake. He tries his hardest to let it go but the thought sears into his mind while he continues to fill the carafe.

"Huh?" Jensen asks, looking up to Jared.

"Snow White," he says, pausing to think. "Or Sleeping Beauty. Just sayin'," he teases, groggy smile spreading from cheek to cheek.

"Whatever, it was one of those damn Disney princesses. Either way I decided against it. I'd hate to come off as easy or desperate. I mean, you haven't even taken me on a date yet. You ain't getting no kiss from me." Jensen grins, wicked and pleased with himself, before returning to whatever it is he's working on. "Your loss, Padalecki."

"That hurts, man," Jared says, trying to play it up and maybe trying not to visualize Jensen in full Prince Charming attire. Again not helping with his now painfully hard dick.

"Hmm. Also, morning breath," Jensen says, deadpan in his delivery as he jots down something else.

They've been doing this since day one but it still gets to Jared. Makes him wishful, hoping for the one day it won't just be playful remarks to one another. It's never going to happen, but Jared will take what he can get. He's getting pretty good at this self-gratification thing anyway.

The coffee finishes percolating and Jared spoons in too much sugar when he feels the press of Jensen against Jared's bare back. Aftershave and cologne mingle with the smell of Breakfast Blend, an intoxicating combination that Jared breathes in deeply. He tries to keep himself composed as Jensen steadies himself with a hand clamped on Jared's hip as he reaches past him to grab him a cup from the cupboard.

"Thanks, Jay. I needed a cup," Jensen says lightly into his ear. The tickle of breath ghosts across his skin and sends shivers straight to Jared's dick.

Sometimes he swears Jensen knows how he feels about him and does this type of thing on purpose just to torture him. Jared cocks his head slightly upward, swearing silently.

Jensen steps alongside him, arm brushing against Jared's as he reaches for the pot to fill his cup. He takes his black, which Jared's already committed to memory for no apparent reason other than to add to his growing list of everything Jensen.

"So, skipping class today, Jen? That's not really like you," Jared says, refusing to move away from the counter.

Jensen doesn't pay his odd behavior any attention; he probably just chalks it up to Jared being half asleep and with no caffeine or sugar in him yet. Or at least that's what Jared hopes is the case.

"Nah, not skipping. They cancelled class so I figured I'd study for my Psych mid-term," he says as he sips at his cup. "S'good." He raises the cup in thanks then heads past Jared and back to his seat.

Jared's grinning, happy for some stupid reason that Jensen acknowledges his barista-worthy coffee making skills, something that is lost on the other roommates.

"So, got any plans for tonight? I was thinking we could swing by and grab us some Chinese, maybe catch a movie or something ," Jared says as he cups his coffee.

"Can't. Meeting up with Danneel later," Jensen says without looking up, enthralled in his notes.

"Oh," says Jared, his heart sinking a little.

He doesn't know why it surprises him; Danneel and Jensen are practically dating. Hell, they probably are dating. Jensen's never said as much but whenever he's not at class or with Jared, it's a safe bet that he's with her.

Jensen actually seems to notice the disappointment in his voice. He's put his pen down anyway and is now staring guiltily at Jared, like he's just kicked a puppy and got caught. "You could come if you want. It's just gonna be me, Danni, and Chris. Maybe Alona and Katie, but I doubt it. Bar hopping and shooting some pool, you're more than welcome-"

"Nah, I'm good," Jared cuts him off more abruptly than he means to. Damn it, wounded pride. "Some other time, yeah?"

"Absolutely." Jensen nods and starts to gather his things "Hey, I've got to go and you," he says pointing to Jared with the chewed end of his pen at Jared. "You need to put on some clothes. What kind of a boy do you think I am, tempting me with all that fleshiness? Have some dignity, man."

Jared laughs as Jensen winks and heads out the door.


The cue glides back and forth between Danneel's fingers, smooth and practiced like she's completely in her element. Jensen watches in admiration as she seems to tune out everything around her, concentrating solely on her strike point on the ball.


The break is pristine, the balls clatter around the table with two stripes falling into the far side corner pockets. Jensen closes his eyes, chuckling as Chris mutters a curse. When he opens them again, Danneel is standing there, determined and calculating her next shot.

"Okay," she says as she rounds the end of the table. "What I don't get is that you like him, he likes you, what's the problem? Tell him and get it over with. It's really not that difficult."

She lines up her shot and sinks yet another ball as Jensen pulls himself up to sit on a neighboring table. Chris' hands are wrapped tight around his pool cue, knuckles whitening at what is shaping up to be yet another humiliating loss.

"You are planning on letting me get in a shot, right?" Chris says, a low grumble of frustration as he signals the waitress with a nod.

"Thinkin' about it, but doubtful," she says as she drops another one. "Look, Jen. All I am saying is that you like him. There's no need for you to be pussyfooting around it. Just tell him already, and quit acting like such a baby about it."

He loves her. Never afraid to hold back, she sees things as they are and always says what's on her mind. For some that could be a challenge, but for Jensen it's refreshing. He's never had to hide anything from her, he couldn't if he even tried really, and he's perfectly content in knowing that.

"I've been dropping hints all over the place. 's not my fault he's dense," Jensen says as he picks at his now cold nachos and shoves them aside.

"For Christ's sake, Jensen. The guy doesn't even know you're gay. How the hell do you expect him to pick up on your hints? Tell him, simple as that. No innuendo, no more hints." She's losing her cool, growing impatient with Jensen and he knows he needs to change the subject. Too bad Chris isn't quite as observant.

"Wait, Jared doesn't even know you're gay? How the hell...?" Chris asks, taken off guard. His eyebrow rises, almost disappearing under the mane of hair that Jensen really wishes he would chop of. Chris' attention is then lost as he smiles in silent pleasure when Danneel finally screws up, scratching the ball.

"Shit," she mutters, standing up and takes a seat next to Jensen.

Chris is a good enough guy, Jensen supposes. They're friends but Jensen's not exactly sure how or why, not that it really matters. He's always up for going out to the bar, bowling, pool- or whatever there is to do in this poor excuse for a college town. It also amuses him greatly to watch as Danneel kicks his ass at just about anything and even more so when she pretends to fuck up, giving him a false sense of security before she goes in for the kill. Like now.

He shakes his head, laughing to himself at this little game between the two of them. It's not courtship, Danneel's said that much. She has no inkling what-so-ever to pursue anything with Chris. According to her she just really likes to rub salt in the wound his of his fragile manly ego, bust his balls a bit. Jensen can't believe that he hasn't caught on yet, then again guys are stupid when it comes to women. It's that or Danneel simply excels at what she does. He's leaning more towards the former, not that he doubts her abilities in any way.

"Because it's never come up. It's not like I go around broadcasting it, asshole," says Jensen as he bumps his shoulder into the falsely agitated Danneel, trying to let on to her deception. He won't kill what enjoyment she gets out of torturing him though. Instead he offers up a cheese-limped chip which she promptly slaps away.

Chris manages to knock in one of his solids, narrowly missing the eight ball in the process and breathes a sigh of relief before moving to the far side of the felted table. He blames the waitress for his next shot. Jensen wants to point out that he hadn't even seen her yet when he hit the ball, but he doesn't, content in the knowledge that Danneel is finally going to put him out of his misery.

"It's not like you knew anything about me until you walked in on me and-"

"Whoa. Stop right there, Ackles. We agreed to never mention that again," Chris says, resigning himself to the cracked plastic bench lining the wall. "It'sbad enough seeing it the one time, I don't need to keep reliving it, thanks."

"Oh c'mon. It's not like we were even doing that much. Yet-" Jensen says with a smirk.

"Still, you live with him. Share a room with him. You'd think he would've figured something out by now. Like running across some of your porn or some shit. Fuck," Chris growls as Danneel wins and grabs the wad of bills of the corner of the table, greedily licking her thumb before counting it.

"I'd like to think I'm classier than leaving my porn on the back of the toilet. Not like some people," Jensen says. Chris smirks back at him, unashamed.

Jensen bites his lip, thinking. "You know what, I think I'm gonna do it," he says, finally hopping down off the table. "When I get home I'm telling him."

"About fucking time. But no offense sweetie, I won't be holding my breath," Danneel says, pocketing her hustled cash and sipping her beer. "Jensen, babe, I love you. But Chris here has bigger balls than you do."

"That's ri- hey!" Chris glowers, surprisingly aware of the backhanded dig, to which Danneel flips him the bird and blows a kiss.

"As a matter of fact, I am willing to bet this tidy little sum right here that you won't breathe a single word to him."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence." Jensen attempts a glare, but he knows she's right. As much as Jensen would love to walk right in and clamp his hands around Jared's neck and kiss him till they have to come up for air, he fails at the direct approach. "I think I'm gonna go. You two cool? I won't be hearing about double homicide or angry hate sex in the morning if I leave you alone, will I?"

"That depends on if he can actually beat me or not," says Danneel, dropping the butt of her cue to the ground and leaning her head against the tip. Jensen laughs as she does her best to flash him her best seductive-yet-innocent look.

"Okay, but just so we're clear, either way I don't wanna hear about it. From either of you," he says, waving his finger to both of them.

He gives Danneel a quick peck on the cheek and waves goodbye to Chris, his thoughts now consumed by all the possible scenarios of ways in which to tell Jared. He's determined to get it over with, somehow.

"So, 'nother game, double or nothin'?" Jensen hears Danneel ask, to which Chris responds with a definitive "No."

A smirk crosses his face; the telltale sound of balls dropping into the rack and felt tabletop, Jensen decides then that turning off his cell tomorrow is a rapidly increasing and valid option. He pushes open the door and wanders out into the silence of the Texas night. To home and to Jared.


Boredom is never a good thing for Jared, he doesn't handle it well at all. Despite having numerous sources of entertainment throughout the apartment, he usually ends up on his bed and bouncing a Nerf ball off the ceiling.

Deciding to make himself more productive and useful, he cleans. At first it's his side of the bedroom, then he migrates to Jensen's side to alphabetize his CD and DVD collection before putting away his laundry. A blush spreads across his face as he folds a pair of Jensen's underwear and puts them in the dresser, his hand lingers on the fabric a second longer than it should before he slams the drawer closed and heads to kitchen.

Chad really should clean out his side of the fridge more often. Jared and Jensen's things are neat, clean and clearly labeled, Tom's is practically nonexistent but then again he's rarely there anyway. But Chad's? Chad's is like an ecological and biological disaster. Jared's half tempted to throw some of his so-called food into Ziploc bags and send them off to the science lab.

The bathroom is surprisingly clean for one used by four guys. Mostly it's just clearing off the counter and putting the right deodorant in the respective owner's drawer and dumping the punchbowl full of condoms on Chad's bed. That's the last thing Jared wants his parents or sister to see when they come up for a surprise visit.

The cleaning doesn't last nearly as long as he had planned, but the apartment hasn't looked this good since they moved in. At least he feels comfortable knowing he will be able to get his deposit back when the time comes to leave, and it has taken his mind off of Jensen. But goddammit, it's only nine. It's way too early for bed and by now all of his other friends are out doing whatever it is they do while Jared sits at home sulking.

He could always break down and go find Jensen and Danneel, but the idea of spending the night pining over his roommate all the while trying to conceal an ever present hard on doesn't exactly scream time of his life.

Plus Danneel will be there, and she's far too observant for her own good. She's never called him on it, but Jared's pretty sure that she knows about his feelings for Jensen.

When he runs out of distractions, he plops down in front of the tv and grabs his PS3 controller. After thoroughly getting his ass handed to him in the latest Final Fantasy, he decides to go old school and orders a classic Megaman game online. The graphics suck and the music is mind numbingly awful but it does its job by helping pass the time.

It's nearly eleven when the front door opens and Jensen staggers in, looking all sorts of exhausted and maybe a little drunk. There are no words between them as Jensen crosses the room and in between Jared and the television, and falls to the couch with an overdramatic huff.

"Long night?" Jared asks, pausing the game seconds before Megaman meets certain doom. Jensen shrugs and slinks further down into the sofa and stares at the unmoving tv screen. Jared watches him for a minute or two but when he doesn't make any attempt at conversation he returns to his game. Equally parts disappointed in Jensen's ambivalence and having to start his game over again, he sighs as the little blue robot bursts into balls of light.

Jensen shifts sideways, feet kicking up over the arm of the sofa as he fidgets his head into Jared's lap. The maneuver catches Jared completely off guard, his elbow lifting on instinct to allow Jensen room. Not only does it happen like it's the most casual thing in the world but Christ! Jensen's head is in his lap. Jensen lifts his head, turns slightly and nudges Jared's thigh as though he were fluffing a pillow before resting his head back down and closes his eyes, his arms crossing over his chest.

He feels like he's going to completely swallow his Adam's apple, it's so knotted in his throat and making it impossibly hard to breathe. The swell of his dick is already starting to tent his shorts, inches away from the back of Jensen's head. Frozen, Jared can't bring himself to do anything but stare down at the smattering of freckles crossing over Jensen's nose, he's noticed them before but never quite this up close and personal, on a more intimate scale.

The game is still on pause and Jared has still yet to move when the silence is broken. "You do realize that I'm not asleep, right?" says Jensen, his eyes still closed as a smirk digs into his cheek.

"Uh," Jared says, his brain failing to articulate anything as Jensen opens up his eyes. Jared panics, scared that Jensen felt something or caught him staring.

"Y'know, for being as smart as you are," Jensen says, sitting up and straddling Jared's lap, "sometimes you are a friggin' idiot."

Jared's eyes widen in surprise the closer Jensen gets. His brain fails to comprehend anything even as Jensen's lips meet his own, pushing them open and slotting together Jensen's tongue slips in, warm and slick as he slides his hands under Jared's shirt to knead at the flesh of his sides.

The realization hits Jared like a mack-truck. They're making out, he and Jensen, and it's better than he could have imagined. Somewhere deep inside a switch flips, Jared grabs deep into Jensen's hips and he bites deeper into the kiss, more animalistic and raw. Jensen grinds closer in response and crushes him back into the couch.

Jensen breaks away to pull his shirt up over his arms and tosses it away before landing his lips against the side of Jared's neck, sucking a bruise into dip of his collar bone as Jared moans, needy. Sliding off his lap, Jensen pushes the table out of the way and hastily works to pull down Jared's shorts. Jared's dick is already dripping precome and painfully hard and thick when Jensen flicks his tongue into the slit. Jared's mesmerized by the sight as Jensen laps at the underside of his dick.

Jared jumps, startled as the sensation overwhelms him as Jensen wraps his lips around the head and slides down, slow and moist. It takes an obscene amount of self control not to buck, not to thrust up into Jensen's mouth until Jared's all the way in and slammed against the back of his throat. Instead he wraps his fingers around the back of Jensen's neck to guide him down; cussing once Jensen finds his rhythm.

Jensen smiles around his dick, mouth full as his eyes focus on Jared's. Its obvious Jensen has been wanting to do this for quite some time and god is he good at it. Jared doesn't last long, a few minutes and he's coming, filling Jensen's mouth. Jensen's swallowing as fast as he can but there's still of trickle of come dripping down his chin when he crawls back up Jared.

Jared doesn't even flinch when Jensen dives in for another kiss, the taste of his own come intermingling with the taste of Jensen, it's incredible. There's a curse mumbled into the kiss as he tries to undo Jensen's belt. He's never thought about it but damn it's more complicated to work the clasp from the other side.

The belt gives way, soon followed by the button and zipper. Jensen lifts to help Jared push down his jeans and underwear, his dick slaps hard against Jared's stomach. Gripping Jensen's hips, he lifts them both up, flipping Jensen onto the cushions so he can get wrap his hand around his dick. Jared squeezes tight and pumps, fast and rough as Jensen groans. He swears Jared's name as he comes, hot and slick over his abs. Jared crawls over him and collapses, Jensen's spunk squelching between them as they kiss.

After what seems like forever, Jensen nudges him to get off; Jared complies but grabs Jensen's hand and pulls him up along with him, stops to shut off the television before tugging him away from the sofa. Neither of them says anything as they head for their bedroom together, there really isn't much to say anymore. Everything is clear between them, no more hinting or silent pining.

Jared pauses for a moment to pick up his discarded shirt and shorts then pulls the door shut behind them. Jensen grins, devilish and in a way that makes Jared's dick twitch again. Jensen bends down and for a second Jared wants to protest. He's young but there's no way he's got that kind of recovery time. But Jensen doesn't make a move for his crotch; rather he lifts Jared's foot and removes his sock. Jensen stands and opens the door, fitting the neck of the sock around the knob before locking it.

Then he turns around and smirks, then joins Jared.

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This is wonderful. You describe their pining for each other so damn well. Merry Christmas hon!

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Aw thanks! lol @ the pining because, man, was it a struggle! Let me tell ya the difference between sweet and creepy is hard to tell sometimes. ;) But I'm glad it worked for ya and a Merry Christmas to you as well!

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One of the nicest things about this season is the lovely porn people write for each other and share with the rest of us - thank you! I'm guessing your tree is a pine?

Date: 2010-12-23 05:57 pm (UTC)
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Porn should be in everyone's stocking this season! I'm glad you liked it.

As for the tree, umm mine is one of those color-coded-branch artificial monstrosities that I may have only put up last night. *whistles* But pine as well as pining is awesome!

Date: 2010-12-23 12:39 pm (UTC)
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Very sweet and very hot, I love how much they want each other but don't say for so long! Poor, sleep deprived Jared is lovely too xx

Date: 2010-12-23 06:00 pm (UTC)
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Thanks, I am so happy that it appealed to you! And I think Jared might just be getting some more sleep from here on. Well, when they aren't fucking like jack rabbits. =D

Date: 2010-12-23 01:11 pm (UTC)
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Ahhh,porn and Christmas. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. And damn but I love it. I loved this!

Date: 2010-12-23 06:02 pm (UTC)
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Mmm Christmas and porn and PB&J. Thanks so much, I am stoked that you loved it!

Date: 2010-12-23 01:23 pm (UTC)
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"but now I think I'm just going to let you sit at home and play with your dick, all by your lonesome." Much much better darlin... Hugs you.

AMAZING as usual... I love the want and need between the boys.. sigh.. sorta schmoopy lots of sexy.

Date: 2010-12-23 06:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

Thanks as usual! I'm glad you liked the schmexiness!

Date: 2010-12-23 08:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Love this!!! Fave part was Jared watching Jensen sleep ... is it strange I don find that freaky ... I juz luuuv it when the boys obsess over one another cos that's what we do so we get to live vicariously thru these wonderful characters you create : )

Date: 2010-12-24 07:19 pm (UTC)
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LOL Fave part was Jared watching Jensen sleep ... is it strange I don find that freaky ...-- You didn't see the first version. :P

I am thinking that Jensen might be up for some somnophilia sexing. Mmm sleepy boy sex. Thanks, I'm really happy this worked for you.

Date: 2010-12-23 10:03 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Good things come to those who wait, but that doesn't mean one should overdo it. Poor boys...singing the blues for way too long. So I'm very happy with the outcome of Jensen finally spurring the process. :D
That was lovely Christmas gift!

Happy Holidays!

Date: 2010-12-24 07:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Pining boys always does seem so much more rewarding than random drunken hookups, not that there's anything wrong with those either. :D
Thanks for commenting and Happy Holidays to you as well!

Date: 2010-12-24 01:39 am (UTC)
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Thank you so much for my present. I appreciate the effort that went into incorporating my preferences. I did enjoy the banter, particularly Jared schooling Jensen on his knowledge of Disney princesses.

Date: 2010-12-24 07:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks! Banter isn't exactly the easiest thing for me to write so I'm thrilled it worked out for ya! Merry Christmas!

Date: 2010-12-24 05:19 am (UTC)
ext_442008: (you flatter with your smile)
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Oh yay, it still holds up upon a second read through! ;) My favourite part is by far the porn - love the neediness and the emotion behind it. UNF.
Edited Date: 2010-12-24 05:24 am (UTC)

Date: 2010-12-24 07:27 pm (UTC)
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Thanks, I appreciate all the support you gave me and all the cheerleading you did. You're the bestest cheerleader EVEH! *\0/*
Edited Date: 2010-12-24 07:27 pm (UTC)

Date: 2010-12-24 06:01 am (UTC)
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Oh pining boys, I loved this. And yay for Jensen manning up and doing something about it! :)

Date: 2010-12-24 07:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Pining boys FTW! \0/ I loves 'em. And I think Jensen and Jared will be manning up a lot in the future! -yeah I'm lame, carry on. Thanks for reading!

Date: 2010-12-24 10:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Aaw, that was adorable! Poor, stupid pining boys. I'm glad it worked out for them in the end :)

Date: 2010-12-24 07:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Aw thanks, I'm glad that the pining and oblivious boys worked for ya!

Date: 2010-12-24 03:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Great fic <3

Date: 2010-12-24 07:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks <3<3<3

Date: 2010-12-26 08:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Why thank ya!

Date: 2010-12-26 09:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Such silly boys.
Liked 'the sock around the knob' - so classy :D
Silliness, fun and porn - what's not to love?! Thanks for sharing.

PS. Is this the gift for the person that you freaked out about a few month ago??

Date: 2010-12-26 10:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Classy Smassy. That's all the boys would need once they finally get together- a nosey Chad or Tom popping in to say "'Sup? Oh fuck!" It's a time honored roommate tradition and code, so why change it? :P

Re:PS I have no idea what you are talking about, I never freak out about anything, I'm always cool and collected. XD

Date: 2010-12-26 10:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Speaking of Chad, you should write a threesome :D

Re:PS Okay, cool and collected person.

Date: 2010-12-26 10:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Threesome??? :O Are you trying to kill me? Hmm *debates*

Date: 2010-12-27 05:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You described them pining for each other so well and I was like "c'mon!!!don't you see that he wants you!" lol Glad Jensen finally manned up and went for it yay! And mmmmmm, teh sex between them was SO GOOD! *fans self*

Date: 2010-12-28 01:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Woo! I'm glad you enjoyed the pining and teh sex! :D Thanks!

Date: 2010-12-29 02:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Nice and Jensen did it good man.

Date: 2010-12-29 05:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That he did! Thanks for reading. :)

Date: 2010-12-29 04:05 am (UTC)
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YESSSSS! I love you. This is so awesome.

Date: 2010-12-29 05:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Aw. Thanks BB I♥U too. I'm pleased it worked for you!

Date: 2011-01-08 06:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Nice. Really liked the descriptions of watching each other sleep. Very intimate and sexy.

Date: 2011-01-08 03:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Why thank ya, I'm ecstatic that it worked for you! :D

Date: 2011-01-10 01:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
After I don't know how many attempts I made to read this online without interruptions I finally put it on my reader and hid so that I could enjoy it in peace. I'm very glad I was sweet and sexy with just the right amount of schmoop. It was a rather nice start to my day :).

Date: 2011-01-10 10:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yay for e-readers. \0/ Thank you so much I am absolutely thrilled that you enjoyed it!

Date: 2011-06-02 03:11 am (UTC)
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Date: 2011-06-02 04:22 am (UTC)
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Woo! Thanks.

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